Flex Experiements

Is Flex awesome, fun or what ? Here are some exercises I have been working on for year 2008, 2009. They are mostly of my daughter's monthly calendar. Once in awhile, I find free time to work on some image processing applications. Source code is available for those that are more involved, Enjoy.

Slide Show - (Flex Exercise #1 Modified)

Random image move

Puzzle shuffle

Rain drop like effect

RotateXYZ - experiment Flashplayer 10 3D capability.


Corkscrew away - Tweener

Spinning in

Custom Tween - Tail

Cup head - 3D simulation

Histogram - 18Feb08 v0.8.1 level and curve adjustment for R,G,B channels.

VolumeHistogram - 30Sep08 v0.3.0 spin capability, roll-over to get color information.

Colorbration - 10Jan09 v0.4.0 modify spectral curve, converts to Tristimulus XYZ, CIE L*a*b*, sRGB, Chromaticity xyY; Standard observer 2/10degrees, Illuminant A, B, C.

Linear Regression - 12Apr09 demo

Warp - 17Apr09 basic

Parabola - tangent - 06May09